About Bertoozie Gear Share

Canada's largest online entertainment rental marketplace.

BERTOOZIE Gear Share is your online marketplace to source and share film and entertainment industry related gear and peripherals with your local peers. BERTOOZIE members rent and sell a wide range of items to support you in your creative process and production all while providing a virtual single source for all your production needs.

About Us

BERTOOZIE Gear Share was created By a group of film professionals that felt the industry needed options to rent and source equipment while keeping it simple. BERTOOZIE is their collective vision, a community marketplace for peers to post, rent, or sell the gear, equipment and even locations we all need for our productions, making it easier to find what you need or those that need what you have. This is how our industry has always been, BERTOOZIE just makes it easier.

Our Charitable Mission

We don't want to just help our industry, we want to help the world, there are so many great causes that need a helping hand. We at  BERTOOZIE Gear Share have a firm belief in giving back to the community. That’s why 5% of all service fees are donated to charity.  Keep an eye out on our social media for our latest donations.

We gratefully consider all charities,  If you know of a charity needing some extra help please get in touch.

Where is BERTOOZIE available?

We have launched in our home market first, ON Canada with immediate plans to expand to other Canadian centres as the markets demand.

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