Be Bertoozie Kind

How to be Bertoozie Kind

In our simplest form, BERTOOZIE brings local gear owners together with renters looking for alternate gear sources. BERTOOZIE makes the process easier by acting as a neutral third party, that collects and holds payments for rentals and purchases, and remits the payments to the owners upon successful delivery.

The bottom line in the beginning…$$ and our charitable twist.

There is no charge to view or place a listing on BERTOOZIE. We only make money when gear is rented or sold. This makes it easy for productions, to source all their gear under one account creating a single virtual source.

When gear is rented we collect the funds for the rental and hold back 10% of the rental charge from the owner and 4% from the Renter as the BERTOOZIE service charges. When gear is sold we retain a 10% service charge from the seller and 4% from the buyer. Bertoozie charges HST on all service charges. These fees cover the cost of collecting and managing payments, customer service, and website maintenance. Of those funds 5% will be donated to charity. The remainder of the rental revenue is deposited into your bank account.

Get Started…

The first step is setting up your BERTOOZIE profile.

  1. Complete the sign-up form with your email, first and last name, and your password
  2. Accept the Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy
  3. Check if you wish to receive occasional emails from BERTOOZIE Gear Share team
    you can change this at any time, via your profile settings
  4. Click the Create Account button
  5. Check your email for confirmation, and click the link provided

Welcome to your BERTOOZIE Nation, you are now a member of our elite community.

We encourage you to look around...

  • See who is here
  • Send messages to those you know
  • Inquire about gear availability or features
  • Invite your associates

Now to save you some time, take a look at the section that best applies to you: