For Buyers/Sellers

Be Bertoozie Kind.
Remember.... don’t discriminate against anyone based on their background.
Be a part of their success.
These are your peers that are looking to buy your gear.

Making a Purchase.

  1. Click the Buy button
  2. In the optional message confirm any pick up / drop off details that are important
  3. Enter in your credit card information
  4. A message with the pending transaction details will be sent off to the listing owner and they will be prompted to accept or decline it
  5. When the owner accepts the transaction the amount of the rental will be pre-authorized on your credit card

Respect time.Only inquire about listings you are genuinely interested in purchasing.Be early for appointments to view, test, or deliver.

Transaction Communications

Throughout a transaction, several messages will be sent from BERTOOZIE. 

  • The first is the proposal for the sale. The owner must accept this or the transaction dies
  • The owner’s Acceptance of the transaction is sent to the buyer
  • The renter then is prompted to authorize payment, once this part of the transaction happens a pre-authorization is made to the buyer’s credit card
  • When final acceptance is requested from the owner the payment is then held by Bertoozie Gear Share until the order is marked as completed
  • Once delivery is made the buyer Marks as completed
  • Once the order is completed. The payment is transferred to the owner/Seller’s bank account


Document... Document... Document...Do the paperwork and keep documentation of Delivery and Receipt of Gear.Always use a Checklist.

You can find an example of a transaction checklist here. We recommend that both parties use something like this to document the condition and details of the equipment being rented and/or received... “CYA!”

Sample Checklist

The more the community uses BERTOOZIE the better it will get. The more honest reviews that are logged, the more informed our entire nation will be.