For Owners

Before you post

Make sure to:

  1. Add your bank account details to your profile - people won't be able to rent your gear unless we can pay you!
  2. Add your tax number and provincial rate to your profile if you intend to charge tax. These details are required for you to collect tax on your rentals

What if I need my gear?

You, as the equipment owner are always in complete control, you decide when and who you rent your equipment to. If you need your gear for a project, or if circumstances change, you can cancel, but please be sure to give plenty of notice so your renter can find an alternate source for the gear. If you don't know the person looking to rent your gear or you feel uncomfortable for any reason, just refuse the rental. Use your own discretion when choosing to rent your gear. We have put safeguards in place, but it is still up to you as the equipment owner to decide what is best for you.

Is my gear protected?

Most productions that rent equipment will have insurance coverage, but it is the owner's responsibility to request and confirm the details on the current certificate of insurance. BERTOOZIE supplies profile fields to document current insurance details. We encourage the communication between renter and owner regarding current insurance for all rental transactions. BERTOOZIE’s communication platform provides documented communication that can be referenced should a dispute arise. You as the owner ultimately have the final word. If you have a feeling that this is not the right rental for your equipment, don’t agree to it.

Item Rental Price Estimation Guidelines

Here's a handy chart to estimate some industry rental rates for your gear.

Rare items (old artifacts), Or new technology
Total value (new) divided by 10 = 1-3-week rental
Total value (new) divided by 15 = 4-8-week rental
Total value (new) divided by 20 = 9-18-week rental
Total value (new) divided by 30 = 19-24-week rental
Total value (new) divided by 40 = 25+ week rental

Common items, Commonly used technology
Total value (new) divided by 15 = 1-3-week rental
Total value (new) divided by 20 = 4-8-week rental
Total value (new) divided by 30 = 9-18-week rental
Total value (new) divided by 45 = 19-24-week rental
Total value (new) divided by 55 = 25+ week rental


T. I. C.
Test it, Inspect it, Clean it,
Make sure your equipment is ready to go.
Commit, your renter is counting on your gear and you.
If you agree to rent, follow through with the delivery.


Rental Equipment Conditions Guidelines

In order to maintain the consistent rental quality on the Bertoozie platform, we ask that you respect a good or better equipment quality for all rental listings.


Like New: no signs of wear, like new in appearance and function.

Very Good: completely functional, very minor cosmetic damage to the body.  

Good: some cosmetic damage scratches and wear, but still completely functional.


Clarity is in the details
Provide detailed information about the equipment,
Check and double-check meeting location and timing.
Keep listing details accurate. 


Posting a listing Put that gear to work.

  1. Click the "add your listing" button at the top right of your screen
  2. Select your listing type (sale or rent).
  3. Set the name and describe your item. Provided as much detail as you can. The more info, the higher the likelihood you'll get a rental
  4. Select the category that your gear falls in
  5. Set the ground rules. What are your expectations of how your gear will be cared for?
  6. Enter in your address: the exact location will not be shown but a circle showing the general vicinity will be indicated
  7. Enter the Price and any optional fees.
  8. Specify whether you want to charge tax on this item. This is up to you as you may be renting items through your bueiness, or personally as a side-hustle
  9. You can optionally set a discount for rentals longer than a week. Up to you.
  10. Set the availability - here you can block of time when you know you'll be using your gear, or when you simply don't want to be bothered with renting it.
  11. Finally, upload some Photos of your gear
  12. Click post listing to see how it looks, and your listing is complete!

Oops, not quite... from here, you will be prompted to set up configure payment settings, click on the alert and the pay-out preferences screen will be opened, fill in the requested information.

Note: this is the area your detailed banking info will be entered so that BERTOOZIE can pay you when a rental transaction is complete. We use Stripe for our payment system. Please take a moment to review their connected account agreement; you will be prompted to accept it in this part of the process.

Make changes to your listings anytime

  • Hover over your profile avatar
  • Select listings
  • Click on the listing name you wish to edit
  • On the right you will see your options to edit or to delete


Transaction Communications

Throughout a transaction, several messages will be sent from BERTOOZIE.

  • The first is the proposal for the rental. The owner must accept this or the transaction dies
  • The owner’s acceptance of the transaction is sent to the renter
  • The renter is then prompted to authorize payment. Once this part of the transaction happens a pre-authorization is made to the renter’s credit card
  • When the final acceptance is requested from the owner the payment will be held by Bertoozie Gear Share until the order is marked as completed
  • When the transaction is complete the renter replies to the message 
  • Once the order is completed. The payment is transferred to the owner’s bank account


Document... Document... Document...
Do the paperwork and keep documentation of check-in and check-out.

Always use a Checklist.

You can find an example of a transaction checklist here. We recommend that both parties use something like this to document the condition and details of the equipment being rented and/or received... “CYA!”

Sample Checklist

We encourage renters to provide insurance details however it is your responsibility to have the conversation, and to get a copy of the Certificate of insurance for your records.

The more the community uses BERTOOZIE the better it will get. The more honest reviews that are logged, the more informed our entire nation will be.


Be Helpful, Be Patient
Reward those that ask questions, service is your business!
Renters will remember and appreciate the extra care and effort you put in.

Use your Bertoozie profile to communicate before, during, and after the rental or sale. It is helpful to keep all the information in one place.

Bertoozie is your community. Both renters and owners will have the opportunity to review each other. These reviews will serve as references to your fellow Bertoozians on the quality of the experience.  


Cutting out BERTOOZIE is not cool.
It is a small world, and a smaller industry, keep it filled with good Karma, do what’s right.
Don’t encourage others to break BERTOOZIE’s Terms of Use