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We encourage you to look around...

  • See who is here,
  • Send messages to those you know,
  • Inquire about gear availability or gear features. 
  • Invite your associates.


Keep the lines of communication openSchedule pickup / drop off times, and locations in advance.
Let the owner know immediately if there is an issue with the equipment.


Finding the gear you need. 

Start by searching near your location. This may be your current location, or near your intended filming site.

Set the date range you need, and set the price range, keywords and sale or rental listing type.

Bertoozie also has detailed categories to make finding the gear you need easy. You can see the listings on a map so you can easily see the equipment closest to where you need it.


Once you find a listing of interest  

Click on the listing's picture then make sure the date range is correct.

Review the rental fees, and if all looks good, click the "Request to Book" button.

Note: The owner may ask for your Certificate of Insurance.

Rental Process

  • Click the Request to Book
  • Fill in your payment details
  • Provide any extra details in the optional message field
  • A message with the pending transaction details will be sent off to the listing owner and they will be prompted to accept or decline it. Because you have already addressed the details the owner will have all of the necessary info to accept the rental
  • When the owner accepts the transaction the amount of the rental will be pre-authorized on your credit card


Transaction Communications

Throughout a transaction, several messages will be sent from BERTOOZIE. 

  • The first is the proposal for the rental. The owner must accept this or the transaction dies
  • The owner’s acceptance of the transaction is sent to the renter
  • The renter then is prompted to authorize payment. Once this part of the transaction happens a pre-authorization is made to the renter’s credit card
  • When final acceptance is requested from the owner the payment is then held by Bertoozie Gear Share until the order is marked as completed
  • When the transaction is complete the renter replies to the message 
  • Once the order is completed, the payment is transferred to the owner’s bank account

Document... Document... Document...
Do the paperwork and keep documentation of check-in and check-out.
Always use a Checklist.

You can find an example of a transaction checklist here. We recommend that both parties use something like this to document the condition and details of the equipment being rented and/or received... “CYA!”

While we encourage you to provide insurance details to gear owners when requested, it is the owner's responsibility to have the conversation, and to get a copy of the Certificate of insurance for their records.

The more the community uses BERTOOZIE the better it will get. The more honest reviews that are logged, the more informed our entire nation will be. 

Be SincereDon’t be an imposter, we all started somewhere.get the most out of their gear, know how to use it and care for it,spend a little time to ensure you know both.


Bertoozie is your community, both renters and owners will have the opportunity to review each other. These reviews will serve as references to your fellow Bertoozians on the quality of your experience. In order for our reviews to be a resource for the community, we need to be mindful about what we say; be truthful, leave the facts, don’t get personal.

Be Courteous
Treat all rented items with care just as if they're your own,
Share your shooting location with the owner.

Can someone else be authorized to pick up and drop off equipment?

This can only be determined by the owner. Owners and renters; please communicate who is authorized to do the the pick-up. Remember to include name and address so that identity can be confirmed. 

Be Bertoozie Kind
Cutting out Bertoozie is not cool.
It is a small world, and a smaller industry, keep it filled with good Karma do what’s right.
Don’t encourage others to break BERTOOZIE’s Terms of Use.