MI Fixture Kit

In a variety of sizes to suit the set, Moss Illumination fixtures offer up high CRI, precise colour temperature control, and low heat output.

Equipped with the Moss standard 5-Pin Chogori connector, these fixtures can be setup and run manually using a LuxBox and power supply, or be DMX controlled using any of the Moss LED lineup of LED dimmers.

Each MI Fixture Rental Kit Includes:

Size Options: (Choose 1)
• 520
• 540
• 1020
• 1040

LED Panel Options: (Choose 1)
• 3000 Tungsten
• 2700-5600 Bi-Colour Adjustable
• 5600 Daylight

Beam Control: (Includes All)
• Magic Cloth Diffuser
• Half Grid Diffuser Cloth
• Parasquare

Optional Add-ons:
• Kino-Grip mount with baby receiver Lolipop
• Grip Stand
• LuxBox 3 Two-channel dimmer w/pouch
• OWA Power Supply w/pouch