Fxlion Nano Two 98WH Tiny V-Mount/V-Lock Battery with Type-C, D-t

  1. The FXLION Nano Two is a tiny V-mount Li-ion battery available in a 98Wh version that weighs only 510g

  2. The battery features D-Tap, USB-A, Micro USB, and USB-C(type-c) ports and a handy display that shows remaining power.

  3. It’s a super power bank ,It can charge LED lights , cameras, monitors,HDMI\SDI wireless video;as well as charge mobile phones and laptops

  4. With OLED display, it can display battery voltage, capacity and USB output voltage;

  5. It can be charged by a professional charger or cellphone and laptop charger, USB-C fast charge protocol, maximum output power 45W, can power Mac book;

Brand: Fxlion
Model: Nano 2
Replacement Value: 450.0