Aputure Fresnel

|Durable Aircraft Aluminum Design|: The 4 leaves of Aputure Barndoors are Made of Smooth Finish Aluminum to Ensure A Strong, Sleek Build

|Standard 7 Inch Bowens Mount|: Bowens Mount for Fast Easy Setup/Disassemble. Black Bowen Mount Adapter Prevents Light Spill

|4-leaf Velvet Fabric|: 4 Leaves with An Internal Black Velvet Fabric to Maximize Light Absorption, Allowing for Virtually No Light Leak

|Honeycomb + Magnetic Gel Holder|: With A 30° Honeycomb Grid, Filmmakers Can Further Maximize Control as Needed, Easily Add Color to Their Lights

|Black Reflector Dish|: Aputure Barndoors Use A Snap-in Mounting Structure, which Makes Installation and Disassembly Quick and Convenient. Cold-rolled Steel Plates for Better Strength, Tighter Tolerance and Smoother Finish