SmallRig Articulating Magic Arm

mallRig ultra magic arm 2070 includes double ballheads with 1/4拻 screws on both respectively to expand more mounting possibilities for different shooting scenarios as per your needs, such as monitor, lights, audio recorders, etc. Its max load is 1.5kg.

With 1/4?screws on both ends, it could attach monitor on the one end, and it could also attach camera cage (such as gh5 cage, a6500 cage), the top plate(such as a fs5/fs7 top plate, for Ursa mini/red top plate) on the other ends.

Arm component is interchangeable, it allows you to connect the other options like NATO Clamp(SmallRig 1973), Hot Shoe(SmallRig 1562), Super Clamp(SmallRig 735), and 3/8-16 screw adapter(SmallRig 1069).

The thumb wingnuts with anti-off structure technology prevents the ballheads fall apart when using, and the rubber cushions to prevent the monitor from scratches.

The monitor mounted on it could be adjusted in different positions and angles via both the ballhead and ballhead clamp, and a single wingnut is applied to lock the double ballhead tight directly with single hand.

Model: 2070
Replacement Value: 80.0
Brand: Small Rig